About us

We are a team of scientists, analysts and physicians specialized in finding difficult to access or hard to discover information, in the field of modern therapeutic medicine.
As a result of many years of research work and the constant need to reach out only for the relevant scientific facts, we have gained the necessary experience, both theoretical and practical, in the efficient obtaining of valuable data.

Currently, we use the acquired knowledge and skills in searching for potential therapeutic possibilities and clinical trials, with pioneer methods of treatment, for people affected by diagnosed rare diseases.

We are well aware how difficult it can be to find a reliable information on the latest advances in treatment in your country and worldwide, which is why we systematically monitor the dynamic changes in modern medicine and we are ready to get required data on your behalf.

Help 4 Rare – therapeutic experience

What do we offer?

More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from rare diseases. We offer professional support to people struggling with rare diseases and to patients without any effective causal treatment or when the treatment is ineffective and provides no health improvement.

                Our actions focus on research through available biomedical resources, including databases, libraries, publications, clinical protocols and experimental drugs characteristics in the country and from abroad. We adapt the manner and scope of the search to the client’s preferences, generating a personalized therapeutic map and highlighting research centers, clinics and scientific institutes, which officially confirmed the therapeutic activity in a given disease entity.

                Please note, that we do not offer any direct diagnostic, health or therapeutic services and do not provide administrative, logistic or financial organization of appropriate medical treatment.

Scheme of procedure


Help 4 Rare Experts


Application of diagnosed disease in order to search for available therapies


Preparation of therapeutic possibilities preliminary report*


Termination of cooperation
(if there is no available therapy)


Ordering therapeutic possibilities full report


Preparation of therapeutic possibilities full report**


Selection of preferred therapeutic center


Establishing contact with the indicated institution in order to confirm the therapeutic possibility

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How do we work?

We work in an organized and efficient manner. We follow our own, proven protocols,
but it is far from schematic. Every person in need is treated individually and with full commitment.

We will discuss with you the results of our research procedure and all collected data will be presented in a detailed, transparent report with indication of eventual therapeutic solutions.

On your request, we will contact selected medical care providers, in order to officially confirm the possibility of therapeutic procedure and determine the treatment principles of further application in the medical facility of your choice.

We are fully prepared to assist you and contribute to the improvement of your health.

We are at your service.              

Scientific consultations

Dariusz Boruczkowski, MD, PhD.

Specialist in children diseases and clinical transplantation.

A doctor with many years of experience, a respected clinician, author and co-author of numerous publications and scientific reports.
Actively involved in therapeutic treatment of rare hematopoietic system diseases using hematopoietic stem cells and and using tissue stem cells in regenerative medicine.

From 1988 to 1992 – participated in research on the treatment of bone tumors in children
and hematopoietic growth factors,
From 1992 to 2010 – participated in research on hematopoietic stem cell transplantations
in pediatric oncology and hematology,
Since 2010 – participated in the research based on medical therapeutic experiments regarding the use of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine,
Since 2016 – participated in the research based on medical therapeutic experiments using hematopoietic stem cells in regenerative medicine.

Download: Dariusz Boruczkowski, MD, PhDCurriculum Vitae

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