* The content of preliminary report:
  • full definition of the disease,
  • description of molecular basis of disease,
  • list of associations and foundations supporting people affected by given disease in home country and/or abroad,
  • summary of the available therapeutic procedures, clinical trials, experimental treatments (without source data),
  • summary of search results and indication whether there are centers that offer specific therapeutic activities
    in given country and/or abroad (to confirm or exclude the existence of the appropriate therapy).
** The content of full report:
  • full list of available clinical studies including contact details in given country and/or abroad,
  • full list of the conducted experimental therapies, including full description, source data, information with contact details in given country and/or abroad,
  • list of latest publications in English on current treatment methods and their clinical outcome,
  • correspondence related to the confirmation of therapeutic possibilities in preferred health centers in given country and/or abroad.

In every case Help 4 Rare establishes contact with biomedical institutions selected by patient in order to confirm whether actual treatment is possible.